Maximilian Brenner
Designer, Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

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Maximilian Brenner (b. 1991) is an independent designer and strategist currently located in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Studio Of, a new studio for research and practice focusing on organizational space and communications.

Trained in architecture, urban planning, and communications, I am interested in how design can facilitate a fluid dialogue between individuals, communities, and their surrounding cultures, and help them transition to new worlds that promote sustained human flourishing.

My work focuses on the construction of the artificial, and views design and strategy as reciprocal dispositions for promoting harmony between people and their surroundings. Projects are opportunities to engage collaborators across disciplinary boundaries and institutional frameworks and work together to articulate common goals, devise shared strategies, and produce material and immaterial things. 

As an independent designer and strategist, I have collaborated with various creative agencies and media companies, and lead self-initiated projects with artists, community groups, and cultural institutions. Projects for the Museum of Contemporary Art, USC School of Architecture, Apple, Nas, Chris Cunningham, Garrett Bradley, and many others have resulted in diverse outputs, from communicative ecologies of digital and printed matter to physical environments for work and play. 

Maximilian holds a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Virginia. 

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